New framework provides insights into cross-border climate change impacts

News 2021-06-24 at 9:30
Dry field.
Climate change impacts such as droughts can have far-reaching consequences. © Adobe Stock

Climate change impacts such as droughts, floods and storms may have consequences that extend to locations and jurisdictions far distant from their initial impact. Such cross-border impacts can cause severe disruption to societies and livelihoods. The CASCADES project is investigating the risks associated with such impacts for the European Union as well as policy options for responding to them.

Researchers from the Finnish Environment Institute had an important role in developing new approaches for analysing cross-border climate change impacts and responses. Their CASCADES research team developed a conceptual framework and accompanying nomenclature that was recently published in the journal Global Environmental Change. The framework assists in describing some of the complexities of climate impacts as they propagate across borders. It also provides a useful mechanism for identifying potential adaptation responses that can build resilience in the face of such cross-border risks. Three researchers from SYKE’s Climate Change Research Programme (ILMO) – Timothy Carter (lead author), Stefan Fronzek and Mikael Hildén – contributed to the publication.

Learn more about the cross-border effects of climate change in videos produced by the CASCADES team:

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CASCADES (CAScading Climate risks: towards ADaptive and resilient European Societies) is a European Commission Horizon 2020 funded project.


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