Classic lake landscape won first place in the Landscape Day photo competition

Press release 2021-11-09 at 8:00

Wednesday 20 October was International Landscape Day, and to celebrate the day, the Ministry of the Environment organised a photo competition with the theme “Landscape Day 2021”. First place was awarded to a photo taken by Marko Lappeteläinen at Kaartjärvi Lake in Loppi 14 October 2021. Photographers were asked to record their local landscapes between 14 October and 20 October 2021.

A beautiful lake view
First place of the International Landscape Day photo competition was awarded to Marko Lappeteläinen’s skilful shot of a landscape that is important and dear to Finns. Photo: Marko Lappeteläinen.

“The winning photograph is a classic and skilful shot that portrays the core Finnish idea of a landscape and our relationship to landscapes. The shot is a great reflection of the Finnish mental landscape; one that is important and dear to Finns. The role of humans in the landscape is also clearly visible in the photograph”, says Senior Environmental Advisor Tapio Heikkilä, who chaired the jury of the photo competition.

The winner was awarded a EUR 500 gift card to Rajala Pro Shop. Honourable mentions were awarded to photos by Matti Sarmela (Helsinki, Hanasaari 16 October 2021), Tarja Länsman (Utsjoki, Mantojärvi 15 October 2021), Milla Hanka (Helsinki, Eduskuntapuisto 20 October 2021) and Juhani Virkanen (Helsinki, Tapaninkyläntie Bridge 20 October 2021). Everyone who received an honourable mention was gifted a book award.

The winning photographs and other photographs submitted for the competition will be compiled into a photo exhibition that will be displayed on the exterior windows of the lobby of the Ministry of the Environment between 9 November 2021 and 9 January 2022 (corner of Aleksanterinkatu and Fabianinkatu, Aleksanterinkatu 7, Helsinki).

International Landscape Day was also observed with guided landscape walks organised by the Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation. To celebrate Landscape Day, people were also encouraged to explore the new pedagogical booklet on landscape education published by the Council of Europe and to visit where people can store their sensory environmental assessment of their current environment on a map for others to see. Landscape Day was also accompanied by the #arkimaisema campaign on Instagram, with people publishing about 1,000 photos of their everyday landscapes over about a month’s time.

Landscape Day is based on the Council of Europe Landscape Convention

The purpose of International Landscape Day is to highlight that landscapes are an essential part of everyone's cultural heritage, identity, well-being and the quality and diversity of our living environment. The annual International Landscape Day is linked to the Council of Europe Landscape Convention that promotes landscape management, protection and planning. The Convention is in force in 40 member states of the Council of Europe, and in Finland since 2006.

Rainy day nature hike
Despite rain, the guided landscape walk organised by Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation was a great way to celebrate Landscape Day along the Kimola Canal. Photo: Auli Hirvonen.

International Landscape Day was observed for the fifth time this year. The preparations for the International Landscape Day and the jury of the photo contest included representatives from the Ministry of the Environment, the Finnish Environment Institute, the National Board of Antiquities, the Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation, the Finnish Local Heritage Federation and the Finnish Association of Landscape Industries. International Landscape Day was part of the European Cultural Environment Day Programme.

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Senior Environmental Advisor Tapio Heikkilä, Ministry of the Environment,, tel. +358 295 250 166



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