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Enabling Circular Economy for Plastics: Novel approaches to Product Design and Logistics (sttinfo.fi)

Used plastic bottles tuned into pottery for plants
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Press release 2023-12-07
Embarking on the Circular Economy for Plastics prompts a reevaluation of the plastic lifecycle, one step at a time. In Finland, multiple initiatives are underway, forging pathways to scrutinize the entire lifecycle of plastic and shake up existing systems. Beyond sorting, collection, and recycling of plastics, additional measures are crucial to foster a sustainable circular economy.

Dissertation: Marine biodiversity, its state and ecosystem services


News 2023-11-13
PhD study examines the state of marine biodiversity and ecosystems, and their connections to the capacity of marine systems to produce ecosystem services, such as fishing and recreational opportunities. The dissertation also analyzes the performance of ecological indicators in marine systems. The results can be applied, for example, in developing ecological indicators, maritime spatial planning and ecosystem accounting. Syke’s researcher Susanna Jernberg defends her thesis at the University of Helsinki on Friday the 17th of November.

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Paula Kivimaa and Eeva Primmer: Finland needs positive security

On the eve of Finland´s 106th Independence Day on 6 December 2023, it is a good time to consider ways for us Finns to maintain and strengthen our feeling of security, an ability to function and our resilience during both crises and good times, write Paula kivimaa ja Eeva Primmer in their Ratkaisuja blog.

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